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Smart ID Card Materials
PVC Inkjet Sheet
Printing Method : Inkjet Printer
Laminating Type : Press Laminating
Thickness : 300 Microns
Size : 210x297mm,220x320mm
Color : White , Golden , Silver
Teslin Synthetic Sheet
Printing Method : Inkjet/Laser Printer
Laminating Type : Pouch Laminating / Fusing
Thickness : 200,250, 300 Microns
Size : A4 & A3 / 12x18 inch
Sticker Sheet With Polyester Overlay
Size : A4 & A3
Color : White
Paper sheet with sticker sheet
Polyester Overlay
Laminating Type : Pouch Laminating
Size : A4 & A3
Thickness : 80mm,125mm to 350mm single layer
Instant PVC Sheet (Dragon Sheet )
Printing Method : Inkjet Printer
Laminating Type : Pouch Laminating
Composition : Printable film+Core Sheet+ Printable film
Thickness : 0.25mm+0.28mm+0.25mm
Size : 200x300 mm
Color : White , Golden , Silver
Offset Printable PVC Sheet / Core
Printing Method : uv Ink / Common Ink
Thickness : 0.20mm,0.30mm
Size : A4 , A6 etc.
Over Lay Coated / Uncoated
Type : Coated / Uncoated
Thickness : 80, 100, 200 Microns
Size : A4 , A6 etc.
Sticking Instant PVC Sheet
Laminating Typ : Pouch Laminating
Thickness : Printable film 0.125mm with a strong sticksheet
Size : 210x297 mm
Color : White , Golden , Silver
Thermal , Smart Cards, Magnetic Strip,
Tipping Foils
Scratch Off Label / magnetic strip rolls (hico and loco)
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