Welcome To Bhoomi Plastics:- We are Importers of Smart (I.D) Card Products, Teslin Synthetic Sheet, Thermal Card Printer, Fusing Machine, Card Cutter, Embossing & Tipping Machine,Core and Overlay Sheets for plastic Cards, Smart ID Card Materials, Neck Lanyards, Card Holders, Clips, Yoyo & Accessories, Binding Machine, Lamination Machine, Paper / Ream Cutter, Misc. Products, Accessories, Binding & Lamination Material , PP Sheets and Films, PVC inkjet Sheets and Films, Holographic Films (PVC, BOPP, PET), Non Terable Paper For Stickers, Cards & Posters , HIPS/PS/ABS Sheets, HDPE Sheets Other Items, Applications etc.
Bhoomi Plastics Are Leading Importer And Supplier Of All types Of Plastic Sheets And Films. We deal in the complete range of SMART ID CARD, Digital ID Card Making Materials including Fusing Sheets, Coated overlay, TESLIN Lasernex sheets, Inkjet Printable and Laser Printable Dragon Sheets and ID Card accessories like Metal/Plastic Clips, PVC Badges, ID Card Holders, ID Rope/Lanyards, Badge Reels, ID metal chain, Slot punch, Corner cutter, Photo Die Cutters etc. It has been possible for us to cater to the requirements of our customers. In addition to these, our reasonable prices also attract customers .
The company is also SUPPLYING advertisement and industrial plastic products.
No customer is small to us and we have a product or a solution for everyone. We have been constantly adding new products and on latest available technology to further enhance our product portfolio.
Quality Assurance
  • With us, quality comes with surety. The dedicated members of our quality control team ensure regular checks on the merchandise at production centers. Final checking and packing is done at well-equipped packing units to ensure total quality. Customers love them and they keep coming back for more.
  • We distribute our products all over India, from North (Jammu & Kashmir) to South (Trivendum), East (Manipur) to West (Gujarat). We also export our products some countries like Uganda, Labnon, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Dubai etc.
  • The company intends to serve their clients with utmost dedication while demonstrating absolute professional ethics and share competence throughout their products and services. The company, with its unparalleled talent and bountiful resources, believes to achieve its mission of becoming the largest importer and supplier of laminating film pouches / rolls and complete range of smart id card making material and EQUIPMENT across the globe
  • Credit Card Material & Accessories (Core, Overlay, Inkjet & Teslin Laserjet Sheets, Lanyards, Card Holders Etc.).
  • Credit Card Machines & Lamination Machines.
  • P.V.C. Foam Board Sheets (Sunboard Sheets, Syntrax Sheets).
  • P.P., P.V.C. (Soft & Rigid), B.O.P.P. & Polyester Sheets & Films.
  • Polycarbonate Sheets & Films (125 Microns To 2mm).
  • Acrylic Sheets In All The Thickness
  • Hips, Abs, Hdpe & Ldpe Sheets.
  • Lamination Pouches, Rolls & Films.(Hot & Cold Lamination).
  • Binding Accessories (Patti, Spiral, Combs & Binding P.P. & P.V.C. Sheets In A/4, =BC, F/C & A/3.).
  • Sunpac Sheets (P.P. Flute Board Sheets).
  • L.D. Foam Material (Specially Used In Offset Printing For Calendars And Banners).
  • Non-Tearable Sheets & Films. (NT Paper For Visiting Cards)
  • Holographic Sheets & Films.
  • P.V.C Top Zip & P.V.C Zip For Mobile Covers.
  • Heat transfer films, Silicon Polyester Film For Tattoos.
  • P.V.C & Paper Cutters.
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